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Sunday Worship Series

Preaching stories from “Gospeled Lives”

March 1—April 12

A meeting with Jesus Christ offers an opportunity and invites a response.  The gospel scriptures introduce us to many people who heard Jesus speak a word about their life.  Some responded with joy and  gratitude.  Some ignored or rejected his word to them. In this worship series, we will also hear stories from congregants about how Jesus has impacted their lives and be invited to reflect on our own unfinished stories.

March 1            Levi                                                 Luke 5:27-32

March 8            James & John                                 Mark 10:35-45

March 15          Rich, young man                             Matthew 19:16-22

March 22          Bent woman                                    Luke 13:10-17

March 29          Gerasene Demoniac                       Mark 5:1-20

April 5               The Crowd                                      Matthew 7:28-29

April 12             The Marys (not in book)                  Matthew 28:1-10

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Pastor Heather Foley



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Pastor Heather Foley



Rejected:  Rich, Young Man

Pastor Heather Foley


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