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November 3 - 24


Is it unchristian to earn money? 
Is it wrong to save for ourselves and our families? 


John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Christian movement, didn’t think so. The important thing isn’t money itself but how we use it.
His surprising advice still rings true today:     

earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.


Join us in worship during the month of November as we explore together Wesley’s surprising money advice for followers of Jesus
and prayerfully consider what God is calling each of us to give to our church ministries in 2020.

November 3            We Don't Need More Money,
                                   We Need More Wisdom


November 10          Earn All You Can


November 17          Save All You Can


November 24          Give All You Can

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Pastor Heather Foley



Earn All You Can

Pastor Heather Foley


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We Don't Need More Money, We Need More  Wisdom

Pastor Heather Foley

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