Chesterton United Methodist Church


Sermon Series

April 15 - June 3

Embracing our Call to missional leadership ~ Together!


Embrace It!

Pastor Shannon Stringer

Are you working to draw close to God?  We need to be in a deep relationship with God in order to lead other's for Christ's mission.

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Let's Make a Difference

Pastor Shannon Stringer

Join us as we begin a new worship series, Together.  Our hope is that together we will find ways to allow God's Spirit to lead us to fulfill Christ's call to be His church.



Pastor Jason Torres

An honest teaching on doubt as a Christian.  Doubt is not itself sin, unless we allow it to persist and it builds a wall between us and God.


Life Everlasting

Pastor Shannon Stringer

Join us as we celebrate our Risen Savior!

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We believe in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life through him.