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Stronger for the road ahead

June 7 - July 5

God delivered his people from bondage, through the wilderness and into the promised land.  Along the unknown way, God nurtured qualities for success in his people:  
discernment, faith, courage, support, and focus.  As we move through this time of quarantine to staged opening to new normal, we are all in unknown territory.  God hears us, loves us and will provide all we need to thrive now and in the future.  Join us in worship inspired by the stories of the Exodus.

June 7                 Discernment            Exodus 13:17-22

June 14               Faith                          Numbers 11:1-3, 8-16

June 21               Courage                    Numbers 13:26-14:9

June 28               Support                     Exodus17:8-16

July 5                   Focus                         Joshua 5:2-12

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Pastor Heather Foley




Pastor Heather Foley


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