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Joy to The World Worship Series

December 1—January 5


“Joy to the World,” a beloved Christmas classic, turns 300 this year. Rather than “joy” being yet another word for “happiness,” we will discover that the depths of joy can be found especially in the midst of suffering, the work of justice, and the presence of compassion–all part of the coming of Jesus to this world and a message the world still so desperately needs.


December 1            Prepare Him Room:  Hopeful Joy

December 8            Repeat The Sounding Joy:  Loving Joy

December 15          Make The Blessings Known:  Unabashed Joy

December 22          Make the Nations Prove:  Peaceful Joy

December 24          The Lord Is Come:  Incarnate Joy

December 29          Wonders Of His Love:  Compassionate joy

January 5                For All The World:  Overwhelming Joy

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Repeat The Sounding Joy:  Loving Joy

Pastor Heather Foley



Prepare Him Room:  Hopeful Joy

Pastor Heather Foley



Give All You Can

Pastor Heather Foley


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