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February 17, 2019


Now What?

Pastor Heather Foley

After kids become adults, our influence changes but we can still nurture them with prayer, patience, and love.

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Discipline in Love

Pastor Jason Torres

We have to know God, we have to teach Christ’s love and we have to apply this to act on proper discipline with love.  You are training the next generation of leaders. Your children can grow up with godly character if you will take the time to instill it into them today.


Invest Abundantly In Them

Pastor Heather Foley

Children thrive when adults invest abundant time for them with appropriate loving touch and encouraging talk.


Train Up To Depend on God

Pastor Heather Foley

We have 936 weeks to transfer a child’s dependence from the adults in his/her life to God, who will forever be completely faithful and true to them in every way.

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