Tell Me a Story:  Parables to Live By

Sermon Series

September 9 - October 21



September   9               Investing Well

September 16               Be Humble To Be Exalted

September 23               Audacious, Tireless Prayer

September 30               Weighing The Cost

October         7               Invited To Joy

October       14               Unlimited Forgiveness

October       21               A Different Kind of Fairness 



Investing Well

Pastor Heather Foley

Jesus answers a man's greedy question by telling a story of a rich fool.

We had technical difficulties this week and sermons did not record.

Previous Sermons


A Gift of Rest

Liz Lahaie

God did not make us to labor continually.  Sabbath is needed to refill and refresh us.


The Necessity of Community

Pastor Heather Foley

There can be no solitary Christians.  God made us to be in relationship with one another.


Sent To Do Good Works

Pastor Heather Foley

Everyone has been gifted by God.  Use them!

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