SERMON - Sept. 19

Healing Touch

Pastor Heather Foley

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Overflowing Grace


Like a multi-tiered water fountain,
God’s love and grace flows freely and abundantly to us and through us to others.  God’s living water never runs dry. As we mature in our relationship with and obedience to Jesus we discover more and more that new life in Christ is not just about what benefits me.  Our desire to invite and serve others increases so that all may experience the overflow of God’s love.


A Matter of the Heart


People are ruled by their hearts according to scripture.  The heart encompasses one’s character, personality, feelings and intellect.
The condition of our hearts determines the course of life and relationship with God.  

This summer, we are invited to examine 
our hearts as we explore the stories of 
David and the people in the time of 
the first kings of Israel. 

We can relate to people who have experienced God’s deliverance and blessings but still struggle to imitate God’s heart which causes personal problems, family conflicts and social violence.   May we receive grace to change our hearts and lives and learn to follow Jesus more.


Follow Me


Jesus calls to everyone “follow me.” In these weeks before Easter we will consider the behavior changes that mark a committed and growing disciple of Jesus. Discipleship is an intentional journey (not a one-time event) of love that helps a follower be part of the body of Jesus, become more like Jesus and join Jesus in the world.




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